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Audubon's Common American Crow.

Books about crows:

Visitors to the website are continually asking where they can find books that contain information about crows. For your convenience (and to help support the project), we are listing as many crow related books as possible available through this website, from individual publishers, or through Click on the appropriate link for more information on a particular book. Books available directly from may be used copies of out of print publications.

Common American Crow Original, hand colored lithograph from the Second Octavo Edition of The Birds of North America by John James Audubon.

The Language of Crows: The book of the American crow

Hot off the Press!

The Language of Crows: The Book of the American Crow.

Including the CD, "Introduction to the Language of Crows".

ISBN: 9780937992005
216 pages

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A dozen years of collaborative research on the language and culture of crows has been distilled down into an entertaining and highly informative new book, The Language of Crows: the book of the American crow. The book, which tells you just about everything you ever wanted to know about crows, is enlivened by dozens of actual observation reports that were submitted to the website over the years. Many of these reports illustrate seldom observed aspects of crow behavior, some of which are amazing and/or downright hilarious. In addition to major sections on crow language, life history and behavior, a large portion of The Language of Crows is devoted to human interactions with crows, ranging from creating backyard feeding stations to caring for “orphaned” and injured birds.

The enclosed CD includes numerous examples of the vocalizations of free living crows with explanations of the circumstances under which each is used. The sound files are uncompressed and are suitable for acoustic analysis, although there is considerable environmental noise on some of the recordings.

A great Christmas gift for the crow lover in your life!

CONTENTS OF The Language of Crows

1. Who are the Crows
2. Nesting Season
3. Learning Season
4. Crows at Play
5. Roosting Season
6. Problem Crow Roosts
7. Crow Funerals
8. Befriending Wild Crows
9. Companion Crows
10.Language of Crows, Part One: The Background
11.Language of Crows, Part Two: Learning Crow
12.We Are Not Alone
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Initially, The Language of Crows will be available only through the website.

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If you are ordering from within the United States, cash, personal checks, money orders, etc. are acceptable. Be sure to include your mailing address. Book & CD price: $17.50, Shipping $2.50, for a total of $20.00 U.S. Checks and money orders should be made out to Michael Westerfield and have “The Language of Crows” or “Crow Book” written in the subject line.

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POSTED: November 8, 2011. Just Published. Highly recommended for young readers and adults.

Our Land is the Sky: The Adventures of Jimmy Fastwing by Frank J. Croskerry. 2011. Soft Cover. 88 pages.

The first book in a proposed trilogy about the life and adventures of the crow, Jimmy Fastwing. The story of Jimmy’s first year is filled with learning experiences and adventures as he tries to survive and take his place as a valued member of his crow clan. This is an excellent book aimed primarily at younger readers, but which crow loving adults will enjoy as well. It hits exactly the right “crowish” tone in the conversations between the characters and their names for the various other species with whom they share their territory. The details of crow life and behavior are also quite accurate.  The Author’s website with ordering information forOur Land is the Sky. Or click on the cover image below to order from Powells Bookstore.

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For years now, almost from the beginning of the website, we have had a link to which allowed visitors to our website to order crow related books and other things from while in return received a small percentage of the sale price. We saw this as a convenience for our visitors and also as a way of covering some of the costs of maintaining the site. Last week, however, informed us, along with all their other “Associates” in Connecticut that they were “terminating the relationship” since the recently passed Connecticut budget contained a requirement that companies like Amazon pay sales tax for goods sold to Connecticut residents. Amazon doesn’t want to pay the tax and therefore it dumped all the folks in the state who had been funneling business to them. We believe that this is an example of very poor corporate citizenship on’s part. In a world where online merchants have distinct marketing advantages over “brick and mortar” local stores, it is only appropriate that they pay the same taxes for selling to the same folks as the local merchants with which they are competing.

The links to will be (or already have been) removed from the website. We would like to thank all the folks who utilized our link to purchase through our website and encourage you to think about using a company other than, if possible, for your online purchases.

(Since this is an on-going project, this page and others will be updated on a continuing basis.)

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