Vocalizations described in the scientific literature. The American Crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos.

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Crow Vocalizations

The following is a list (in progress) of the vocalizations of the American crow that have been documented in the scientific literature. The numbers in parentheses refer to the references included at the end of this page. We have attempted to correlate references to the same vocalizations as described by different authors, but in some cases this was not possible due the subjective nature of describing crow vocalizations in writing.

For an example of the range of possible sounds one crow can make, click on the following link to hear a 12 second sample of the vocalizations of a crow that is about 3 months old. It is a large file and will take a bit of time to load, but is worth the wait. Disregard the starlings squawking in the background. Link to Juvenile notes


Assembly Call (1)

Simple Scolding Call (1)

Modified Scolding Call (1)

Alert or Warning Call (1)

Dispersal or Alarm Call (1)

Distress Call (1)

Pre-mortality or Death Call (1)

Defensive Threat Calls (1)

Frustration Notes (1)

Immature Hunger and Feeding Call (1)

Adult Food Call (1)

Announcement Call (1)

Contact Call (1)

Duet Notes (1)

Courtship Vocalizations (1)

Juvenile Notes (1)

Contentment Notes (1)

Rattling Notes (1)

Wow-Wow Notes (1)

Carr-Carr Notes (1)

Whisper Notes (1)

Coo Notes (1)

Organ Notes (1)

Woo-ah Notes (1)

C.b. pascuus Screams (1)

Ordinary Cawing (1)

Mimicry (1)


(1) Chamberlain, D.R. 1967

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